INC Prototipaje

Contest where university students develop entrepreneurial skills through the presentation of prototypes for new technologies and physical products, focused on the generation of solutions to human and social needs.

Objective: Present and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Aimed at:

  • Students from different higher education universities.

Call closing: September 17, 2019

Program cost:

  • $1,200 MXN* per participant: INC Spotlight with general access to INCmty

*No additional ticket applies, nor is it transferable or refundable for INCmty call registration

Important: The participant may only apply to a single INCmty call.

INCmty Prototyping Call

Thanks for participating!


What is INC Prototyping?

Contest where university students develop entrepreneurial skills through the presentation of prototypes for new technologies and physical products, focused on the generation of solutions to human and social needs.

Who should apply?

Higher education students who develop and present a viable, desirable and feasible functional prototype in accordance with the call.

The two contest categories are:

  • Digital technologies
  • Physical Products

Students must form teams of up to 5 members

Intellectual property criteria for the prototypes: The prototype must be the intellectual property of students and built by them.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $ 1,200 + VAT, per participant and at least two registrations must be paid to participate in INC Prototyping. The individual payment of the team members must be verified through email sent before September 17, 2019 to

The cost of the program includes general access to INCmty.

Only members who have registered their payment before the closing of the call may participate in the program, and, as appropriate, be eligible for the awards.

Comunidad Tec, please go directly to the Academic Entrepreneurship Department.

What does the program include?

  • Presentation of the prototype before evaluating judges during the INCmty festival
  • Access to the INCmty Festival
  • The opportunity to win prizes and recognition from the audience
  • Networking with investors
  • Electronic proof of participation

What are the stages and rules of the contest?

FIRST STAGE (In each of the universities):

Selection of the projects that will represent the university or campus at INC Prototyping. Each university will decide on the teams that will represent them at INC Prototyping no later than Friday, September 17 of this year.

SECOND STAGE (At Tecnológico de Monterrey during INCmty at the Monterrey Campus facilities):

The representative teams selected in the first stage will present their projects and will be evaluated mainly from a perspective of the progress and functionality of the prototype, as well as the need it covers.

The teams that go to the last stage of the second phase will be evaluated by a special committee, which includes international guests, businessmen and scientists.

Phases of the Second Stage

  • Presentation of projects from all campuses and universities (presentation closed to the public)
  • Evaluation and selection of finalists
  • Presentation of the finalist teams in each category (session open to the public)
  • Selection of the first three places in each category (closed session)
  • Awarding of the first three places (open to the public)

Prizes will only be awarded to students who physically attend to present their prototype (one prize per student, up to five prizes per team)

Contest Rules

  • The teams must have a maximum of 5 members.
  • Each team will have a total of 3 minutes for the presentation of their prototype in the format and with the means they consider best, taking into account the established time.
  • The team must ensure that the equipment or technology used in the prototype presentation works properly (computer, internet league, adapters etc.) In addition, presenters should bring a backup presentation on a USB drive and the necessary connections. Neither the organizing team nor its professors will be responsible for getting cables, connections, adapters, USBs or any material that the team may need for presentation.
  • The competing prototypes must be about products, services or any technology that positively impacts human and social development.
  • The two categories to present prototypes in INC Prototyping are:
    • Digital technologies
    • Physical Products
  • At INC Prototipaje, the team or teams that represent their educational institutions will participate.
  • These teams must be duly accredited and identified in writing by participating universities.
  • The evaluation of prototypes and presentations will be based on the following general characteristics:
    • Need or problem addressed by the prototype.
    • Clarity about the group of people benefited by bringing the prototype to a market or real-life implementation.
    • Level of progress and functionality of the prototype.
    • Innovation and use of technology for prototype development.
    • Technical feasibility and implementation.
    • Creativity and quality of the presentation.
  • Team members must be present in the contest, otherwise if they win, only the team members who are present will be rewarded.

What is the participation process?

  1. Learn about the contest stages and rules
  2. Complete the registration for the team to participate
  3. You will receive a confirmation and follow-up email
  4. On September 23, you will receive the selection result
  5. Pay the ticket and get ready to develop and present your prototype on November 9 in Monterrey city as part of the INCmty festival

More questions?

We are here for you! You can write to, leave a phone number and we will gladly answer your questions.

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