INC Spotlight

It is a contest held within INCmty that recognizes and empowers those business ideas with the greatest impact.

At INC Spotlight, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your business idea to mentors and judges!

Objective: Land

Aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs in the idea stage
  • Higher Education Students

Call closing: September 17, 2019

Program cost:

  • $1,200 MXN* per participant: INC Spotlight with general access to INCmty

*No additional ticket applies, nor is it transferable or refundable for INCmty call registration

Important: The participant may only apply to a single INCmty call.

Call Spotlight INCmty

Thanks for participating!


What is INC Spotlight?

Contest in which the best business ideas will be heard and evaluated by a group of mentors, judges and experts from different industries.

Teams of up to four members can participate.

Who should apply?

Any student or entrepreneur who has a business idea without a prototype, who is not legally constituted as a company, who has not previously participated in a similar contest.

Students must form teams of up to 4 members.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $ 1,200 + VAT, per participant and at least two registrations must be paid to participate in the call selection. Once the individual payments of the members of your team have been verified, they will proceed to evaluate your idea.

The cost of the program includes general access to INCmty.

Only those members who have registered their payment before the closing of the call by sending an email prior to September 17, 2019 to can participate in the program, enter the contenst and, as appropriate, earn prizes.

What does the program include?

  • Idea pitch presentation
  • Feedback from mentors and judges
  • The opportunity to win prizes and recognition from the audience
  • Access to the INCmty Festival
  • Electronic proof of participation

What is the participation process?

Video. Design a 3 min max video and upload it to YouTube with the same name with which you will register your business idea.
The format and content of the video is totally open, just be sure to explain:

  • What market need does your idea solve?
  • What is your value proposition?

Registration. Sign up and be sure to include the link of your video.

Ticket. Make the participation payment for this call.

Confirm your payment. It is important that you confirm your payment, since if your idea is selected to compete within the INCmty festival, only those teams and members who have made and confirmed their payment can participate.

Evaluation. Your video will be evaluated by a committee of experts made up of prominent entrepreneurs, professors, mentors and experts from different industries and judged by a panel made up of prominent entrepreneurs, professors, mentors and industry experts.

Result. The finalists will be notified by email on October 9.

More questions?

We are here for you! You can write to, leave a phone number and we will gladly answer your questions.

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