INCmty offers a broad range of activities for social entrepreneurs and civil organizations, so that they can promote and expose their initiatives.


We celebrate and expose female entrepreneurship through conferences, workshops and gatherings addressed to women.


These activities connect those who have the ideas with funds and angel investors who have the ability to promote them.

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Women Entrepreneurs
Energy Summit
Social Entrepreneurship
Health & Wellness Summit
Sports, Music & Entertainment Summit
TECH 4.0 Summit
Business Hacks
  • EDTECH Summit
    Director of TecLabs, a disruptive educational innovation laboratory at TEC de Monterrey. He is also an expert in innovation management and in the design, management, implementation, evaluation and research of different academic programs.
    José Escamilla
  • EDTECH Summit
    Director of TecPrize, Co-founder of pioneering innovation initiatives in the private sector in Mexico, digital entrepreneur and Director of open innovation initiatives to build the future of higher education.
    León Velázquez
  • Social Entrepreneurship
    Coordinator of the Social Entrepreneurship Program at TEC; she has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and teaches ‘Citizenship and Democracy’.
    Graciela de la Cruz
  • Health & Wellness Summit
    Bio-medical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration and Health Services from University of Monterrey. He is also the Administrator of the university’s medicine laboratories and Academic Director of the Biomedical Engineering Career...
    César Esquivel
  • Sports, Music & Entertainment Summit
    Coordinator of the “Bi-national Laboratory for the Intelligent Management of Energy Sustainability and Technological Training” project by the CONACYT-SENER Energy Sustainability Fund.
    Claudia Carrillo
  • Health & Wellness Summit
    Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Processes Consultant at Trebol Biomedical and Advisor of Management and Business Processes at Private Security Master Group.
    José Araujo
  • Sports, Music & Entertainment Summit
    He has a Degree in International Business from TEC de Monterrey and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from EGADE with a specialty in Services. He is partner and Director of School of Rock since 2010 as well as guitarist of Buffalo Blanco and Niña Flip T...
    Alan Robles
  • TECH 4.0 Summit
    Industrial and Systems Engineer from Universidad Iberoamericana; she has a Master’s Degree in Administration from Tecnológico de Monterrey.
    Ángeles Vela
  • Social Entrepreneurship
    Leader of Social Entrepreneurship at TEC de Monterrey, Researcher of social entrepreneurship in Mexico and Project Advisor and speaker on social impact issues.
    Jairo Ruiz
  • Health & Wellness Summit
    Medical Director at TecSalud – Tecnológico de Monterrey Hospital Zambrano Hellion.
    Fernando Castilleja
  • Health & Wellness Summit
    She is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship in the health sector, clinical research, pediatrics and health technology.
    Adriana Vallejo
  • Energy Summit
    Executive Director of TEC de Monterrey’s Energy Initiative. He is responsible for leading the university’s activities for the competitive strengthening of the energy sector.
    Luis Serra
  • Women Entrepreneurs
    Lumi Velázquez
  • Health & Wellness Summit
    Manager of Strategic Projects and Leader of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for TecSalud.
    Javier Hernández
  • EDTECH Summit
    TecPrize Operations Coordinator. She has a Degree in Law and Finance with studies at Yale University (YVISP) and Stanford Business School (SIGM). Prior to that, she was the right-hand of the CEO of two education startups.
    María Florescano
  • TECH 4.0 Summit
    Intellectual Capital Coordinator at Nuevo León’s Software Council.
    Sonia Tijerina
  • Health & Wellness Summit
    He is an Industrial and Systems Engineer. He works at Cervecería Cuauhtémoc’s Cuauhtémoc and Famosa Clinic, where he is responsible for clinical and pharmaceutical supply, medical equipment, contracts and general services.
    David Alanis
  • Business Hacks
    Founder of Technobusinesses, through which she optimizes the current and potential value of intellectual property focused on future earnings.
    Adriana Rivera Jiménez
  • Uncategorized
    Founder of Color Harmony Experts.
    Eloisa Ortiz